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A new blog as part of my electronic portfolio

Why am I doing this? I am part way through marking my MSc students electronic portfolios. They contain an interesting mix of academic artefacts and reflection. I have found it really pleasing to see that although the students struggled to see the relevance of some of the activities as we completed them, on reflection they see them in a different light and the overwhelming conclusion is that the portfolios have been a valuable learning experience. This got me thinking about my own reflections and how I record them. Yes, I record my reflections at the end of a module as part of the module review process but this a formal mechanism. What about on an ad hoc basis at a more informal level? If an e-portfolio works for my students, could it work for me?


I have had a go at this sort of thing before but only really dabbling. I had to write a reflection as part of my PG CiLT (although this was in more of the traditional report style), as part of the FDOL (Flexible, Distance and Online Learning) course I wrote blog posts and shared reflections via Google+, I was also involved in an HEA STEM blog project reflecting on useful resources. Writing reflection that the whole world can see is slightly daunting than hiding it away in an assignment. I am tempted to be like some of my students and not share my portfolio with everyone. We use Mahara and some of them only shared their portfolio with me, the marker, but again where the students did share their portfolios with their peers you can see that they gained benefit from interacting with each other’s work, maybe my own work can be an example to my students. So I have decided to bite the bullet and publish this online.