Day 1: Digital literacy and identity

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Activity 3

So I wanted to make a map of the digital places I used. Initially I envisaged something with lots of connections but I wanted to also have some way of showing how long I spent in these different places. From that point I started thinking how I use different digital places in different aspects of my life and this made me decide to change how I thought of my ‘map’. I chose to focus on what spaces I used for different things divided into what I do for work, in my personal life and in the aspects of my non-work life that still require elements of professionalism, such as a trustee and volunteer with Barrow Farm Riding for the Disabled, volunteering with Girlguiding, British Eventing and as a Mountain Leader. The size of the text indicates how long I spend there, the bigger the text the longer I spend. The circle in the middle represents the overlap between all areas of my digital life.

So here is my map.

My digital places

It becomes obvious from looking at the map that my main way of connecting with people is via Facebook. This is in a social capacity with friends, via pages for charities and organisations that I work with, via groups both of students and also professional groups both subject and learning and teaching related. Email is another big part of my digital life still. What is also clear is that there are a lot more places in the work related section, some of which I only visit occasionally or that I am still learning about. Interesting there are some obvious links between sections. I started off editing videos for the Riding for the Disabled group I volunteer with but I have also now used this skill in my teaching. Again with the RDA group I have been involved in editing their website which meant I had to learn some of the basics of code. This has helped me enormously to get the most out of Moodle. Making this map has definitely reminded me that I want to spend some more time in some of these digital places whilst I have more time over the summer.

6 thoughts on “Day 1: Digital literacy and identity”

  1. Hi Isobel,

    I love your visualisation. I can see from your reflections on this, how this is helping you perhaps make some changes? Is this correct? Finding a purpose for being or visiting specific digital spaces could be a useful starting point especially as you mention that you might spend more time there over the summer when you might have a bit more time.

    Speak soon,

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