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Teaching approaches

The challenge for week 1 was about introducing ourselves and thinking about our approaches to teaching using Apps (1991) metaphors. I found this interesting for two reasons. Firstly, I realised I use different approaches depending on the student’s level (I think I may garden more with the first years and act as a guide for MSc students) and depending on the content (I probably fill buckets with anatomy knowledge but challenge assumptions in ethics). I see myself using many of these approaches and would like to think I was a Lamplighter; Gardener; Bucket filler; Challenger; Travel Guide; Artist; Applied Scientist and Craftsperson at different times in my teaching. The second thing I asked myself is: Do my students perceive me my approaches in the same way? It has made me think differently in my teaching all this week….


Apps, J. (1991) Mastering the Teaching of Adults, FL: Krieger.


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