Preparation 1: Objects I would not normally use in my teachingNot in teachingWe were asked to select a few items from our home or office that we would never use in teaching. I would say NEVER is a strong word. However, I cannot see myself using a vase of sunflowers, an Ethiopian coffee pot or a hoover in my teaching. Why not? Why these items? I cannot see any of these items being useful for metaphors or explaining concepts. Interestingly partly because the courses I teach on are very practically based (animal handling and therapy) there are lots of household objects I do use in my teaching (you can get very creative with household objects when you are designing enrichment for animals). I also like using metaphors. One of my favourites is that I have a number of old cotton reels that I use as a demonstration for teaching about histones and epigenetics – that is why I do not like saying – NEVER – I just have not come up with a use for them yet!

Preparation 2: Objects that represent past, present and future

Past, present, future

My objects are:

For the past I have included my photobooks to represent precious memories and the fact that I love taking photos.

For the present I have included my current knitting project – which is RDA ponies, to celebrate 40 years of Barrow Farm Riding for the Disabled next year. I chose knitting because I want the present to be all about doing, I need an object to represent action and although knitting might not be the most exciting action I associate this knitting with lots of other actions.

Finally for the future I have included my walking boots because I am always on a journey. I always want to learn more, go to new places, face new challenges and they are all ready for my holiday to Mull next year!

More to come later on why I have fun when I am teaching


Reflections on Learning and Teaching

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