Bring your own device for learning is a 5 day open course. I find these courses are a great way to network and share ideas with other like minded professionals and also a great way to reflect on my own practice. With a selection of activities each day to pick ‘n’ mix to show you have met the learning outcomes, encouragement to share your ideas across multiple platforms and a tweetchat each night it is a great way to connect and collaborate.

The course is based on five themes: Connecting; communicating; curating; collaborating and creating. Although originally a thematic framework for the BYOD4L course Smyth et al. (2016) include it as one of the conceptual frameworks they discuss within ‘Technologies and Academic Development’. The course itself developed by Chrissi Nerzanti and Sue Beckingham definitely encourages social and collaborative learning as well as creative thinking and action.

I have dipped in and out several times when this course has run and here I present some of my reflections from the 2017 version…

Smyth, K., MacNeill, S. and Hartley, P. (2016) Technologies and academic development, in: Baume, D. and Popovic, C. (Eds) (2016) Advancing Practice in Academic Development, Routledge, Abingdon, UK.


Reflections on Learning and Teaching

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