About me

Following successful roles as a Senior Lecturer in Animal Therapy and course manager for both undergraduate and postgraduate Veterinary Physiotherapy, I became Head of Learning and Teaching in February 2016.


In my teaching role I taught a diverse range of subjects from biomechanics to epigenetics, animal welfare to research methods. Why so many topics you ask? My research background is arthritis and this has involved looking at the biomechanics within joints to the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms underlying the condition. I teach from level 4 to level 7 and have also supervised PhD students.


When I was teaching I found I was spending more and more time developing technology enhanced learning strategies especially to improve engagement and enhance the students learning experience. Through my work as a representative of my school on the Learning and Teaching Group, I was promoting a number of new approaches to collaborative learning and innovative assessment strategies within the school. Realising that staff development was a mechanism to improve the student learning experience, increase engagement and keep the students satisfied resulted in my career aspirations becoming much more focused on academic development. And this was how I ended up applying for and being appointed as Head of Learning and Teaching.


In my spare time I enjoy being in the great outdoors. This might be walking my dog Max, riding my horse Rafferty or climbing a few mountains in Scotland with my camera in hand. I have been volunteering with Riding for the Disabled since I was a teenager and I am currently a volunteer coach and trustee at Barrow Farm Riding for the Disabled in Essex.


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