Professional identity – something to think about

On Monday I took part in the Teaching and Learning Conversation facilitated by Paul Orsmond and Rachel Forsyth titled Capturing learning: beyond the acquisition metaphor. A partial recording of the webinar can be found on the TLC webpage.

The main thing that I took from the webinar was that I need to investigate the idea of professional identity further. I am familiar with the idea of professional identity as a teacher but had not considered how the student sees it as they move through university to become a professional. At what stage do they develop their professional identity and what impact does that have on their learning? Does developing a professional identity help communities of practice to form?

It was the first time I had attended a TLC webinar and now I just need to find the time to delve a bit deeper into some of the questions that came out of it.




One thought on “Professional identity – something to think about”

  1. Professional identity is an interesting topic, and there is a significant body of research on perception of student’s own professionalism, identity and how to engage them with the concept.

    The following by Wilson et al is a good read:

    I think the concept of professional identity is easier to foster in students on courses which lead to a profession/vocation with professional registration (e.g. vet physio, landscape architecture), because for others, professionalism is much more difficult to define, and therefore so is professional identity.

    Happy to discuss further, it’s a great concept to instill in students, and ties in with employability and reflection well.


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